Terms and Conditions

By entering this competition I accept these terms and conditions and agree to follow the instructions on how to enter (if there is any inconsistency between the information on how to enter and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions prevail).  References to “terms and conditions” mean these terms and conditions

1. I have read and fully understand and meet the eligibility requirements to be a participant on the Program. I understand, and represent and warrant that I meet, and will comply with, the eligibility requirements to be considered as a participant in the Program, which are as follows:

2. I understand and acknowledge that although the Producer reviews all Applications, the Producer will be unable to reply to all applicants individually. I understand that I will only hear from the Producer if I am being considered for an audition


  • I must be twenty five (25) years of age or older on October 1st, 2013;b. I must be a Nigerian citizen residing in Nigeria;
  • I must be in good health and able to withstand the physical and mental rigour of participating on the Program.
  • I cannot currently work nor have ever worked as a professional chef;
  • All Knorr Taste Quest participants must be amateurs, and if I have previous kitchen experience that the Producer deems could create an unfair advantage I am not eligible. For example:
  • i) I cannot have ever worked full-time in a kitchen as a cook, chef or in food preparation; and/or
  • ii) I cannot have earned money from preparing food and/or cooking fresh food in a professional kitchen environment (i.e. restaurant, café, take-away, etc.) for more than six (6) weeks at a time in the last fifteen (15) years;
  • My main source of income cannot come from preparing and cooking fresh food in a professional environment (i.e. restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc.);
  • I must be available and able to commit to all the filming days required. I understand that filming is scheduled to take place between approximately January – April 2014 or on such dates to be determined by Producer in its sole discretion. If I am chosen to participate, it is my responsibility to make any necessary personal and financial arrangements with my employers and family in anticipation of my extended absence from home and work.
  • I must be willing and legally able to travel within Nigeria, on such dates and to such locations as Producer shall designate in its sole discretion; and
  • I cannot have been convicted of any serious crime, the seriousness of which is to be  determined by the Producer in its sole discretion; and
  • Employees, officers, directors and agents of the company* and/or of any of their respective parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies and the immediate family (spouse, spousal equivalent, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son, regardless of where they live, and regardless of whether any of the above are step-relatives) or members of their same households (whether related or not) of such employees, officers, directors and agents areNOT eligible to be participants in the Program or participate in this application process. Additionally, each of Producer and Broadcaster reserves the right to render ineligible any person who either determines, in the sole discretion of either of them, is sufficiently connected with the production or distribution of the Program (including, through a connection to any sponsor of the Program or a contest or prize related thereto), such that his/her participation in the Program could result in or create the appearance of impropriety.


3.  All entries become the property of the company*. The company* is not responsible for any lost, late, delayed, incorrect or misdirected entries.

4..The company* shall have the right to use the footage and pictures from the auditions and production of the show including all participants’ images and personal details on any of its advertising materials without prior consent of the participants and without payment of any modeling fee.

5. There can be only one valid entry per person.

6. The contestants shall write out all recipes for every meal prepared on the show and hand them over at the end of each show. Submission of entry constitutes permission for the company to use the recipes for editorial, advertising or promotional purposes without further compensation or any liability attaching to the Company.

7. The Judges’ decisions are final.


*The company refers to the company that produces Knorr. The name is not disclosed at this point because this is one of the questions asked on the entry form.